Month: August 2015

the first step

The first step towards financial freedom is actually pretty obvious, yet it is completely missed by most people, including myself for years: produce more than you consume and save the difference In other words, what’s important is not how big your paycheck is, but how much money is left over AFTER your bills are paid.  Maximize this number. Expenses Expenses are like holes at the bottom of your savings account bucket.  You need to plug up or at least reduce the size of as many of these financial fissures as you can.  Credit card debt, car loans and any unproductive debt besides your mortgage should be your first priority.  Unproductive debt […]

the pursuit of freedom

DIY Investor - picture of a bald eagle in flight symbolizing financial freedom

Freedom is a beautiful thing.  Live and let live.  No person or institution using force to impose it’s will on another human being. It’s a wonderful goal that we should all aspire to in our lives and in our dealings with others.  Unfortunately though, for most, personal freedom remains a starry-eyed fantasy, an elusive “if only”.  That’s unfortunate, because most of the shackles that enslave us are of our own making: self-limiting beliefs, a refusal to venture out of our “comfort zone”, and allowing fear of failure or fear of rejection by others control our actions. Futhermore, self-imposed financial shackles like suffocating debt and an uncomfortably high lifestyle burn-rate mean we often go to work each day […]