Month: September 2015

how I went from spender to saver

DIY Investor - How I went from spender to saver - Libertopia

I spent every penny I made.  Knowing that I would usually receive an annual bonus, I would buy something from Best Buy or somewhere else a year in advance on credit, with no payments and no interest for a year.  When my bonus came, I would pay off whatever I bought in the prior year and then buy something else.  I would literally spend my bonus a year before I received it!  I did this year after year. Since I had no savings, I sold stock options I’d received from my employer so that my family could attend my sister’s wedding in Hawaii.  We planned to visit my brother-in-law’s […]

write your own script

DIY Investor - Write your own script

This is not a blog about saving money.  There are several excellent ones that go deep into that.  Mr. Money Mustache is one of my favorites. Rather, this is a blog about growing your savings.  However, if you don’t have a meaningful amount of savings set aside, you have nothing to grow.  So let me take a post or two to try to inspire those that need a little nudge. Why save money?  I mean, life is short, why bother with budgets and delaying instant gratification? For those of us who do save, the answers are as varied as our personalities.  Some common reasons are […]