Month: October 2015

a powerful savings growth vehicle

Enough about the ineffectual helper. Where can you find a valuable partner who will actually move the needle in advancing your financial goals? In other words, how can you actually GROW your savings? Hard assets such as real estate and precious metals are viable ways to store and sometimes grow your wealth.  However, they are illiquid, meaning they are generally difficult and time consuming to sell and transaction costs are high. Rental properties are an excellent way to grow your savings that I highly recommend.  I have a rental property myself and it has been a fantastic investment.  Like any investment though, it’s critical that you buy well.   In the case of rental properties […]


Imagine you’ve been falsely imprisoned.  Having exhausted every conceivable avenue to prove your innocence, you are forced to contemplate the very real possibility of spending the next several decades in jail. Years of fighting the system have taken their toll.  You begin to think that it might be easier to just accept your fate.  It’s what anyone else in your position would do, you tell yourself.  Besides, they provide all the necessities; food, shelter and clothing.  The prison warden even rewards well behaved inmates with short yard breaks on the weekends. Fortunately, you snap yourself out of it.  Who are you kidding?  You weren’t meant to live life as a […]