Month: June 2016

821x sell: OMN

(watch video below for market recap and trade details) OMN – sell at market Other 821x buy ideas: ARIS – buy with a limit price of $4.17 SLX – buy with a limit price of $26.61 I only track one 821x model portfolio trade at a time for educational purposes.  Remember, IT NEVER MAKES SENSE TO PUT YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT INTO A SINGLE TRADE.  Please refer to the section on position sizing in the 821x Trading Manual. Please read the terms of service.

no need to fear a big drop

“News” that George Soros is shorting stocks grabbed headlines once again this week.  I don’t see why this is getting people so worked up.  Soros has supposedly been making big bearish bets since the beginning of the year.  He’s been warning of a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis and apparently has a 2.1 million share put option against the S&P 500. I have no clue if George Soros is right.  However, I do know that “news” like this does nothing to help us make money.  We make money when we position our trades in the direction of the 8 and 21 day moving averages.  Right now these moving […]