Month: May 2017

821x buy: FIZZ

(watch video below for market recap and trade details) FIZZ – buy with a limit price of $87.50  (SUGGESTED SELL SIGNALS TO COME VIA TWITTER) Other 821x buy ideas: TMUS – buy with a limit price of $66.37 USCR – buy with a limit price of $68.25 CHU – buy with a limit price of $13.41 MULE – buy with a limit price of $23.78     Remember, I only provide one new 821x model trade a month for educational purposes.  IT NEVER MAKES SENSE TO PUT YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT INTO A SINGLE TRADE.  Please refer to the section on position sizing in […]

unveiling our new app!

On Friday, oil was up 1.54% and the biotech sector was down nearly 1%.  Like the ticker symbols scrolling across the bottom of the screen on CNBC, these data points are pretty much useless.  I would argue that a single day’s action taken in isolation, provides no value at all.  In order to be useful, data needs context, which in this case is the trend.   We make money by investing in assets that are trending, and by doing our best to identify when a trend is possibly beginning or coming to an end. However, in fairness to CNBC et al., is it even possible to succinctly communicate this much information […]