Month: December 2017

how to generate market crushing returns

DIY Investor - Crushing it in the market - picture of monster truck

It goes without saying that 2017 was exceptionally good to stock market participants.  It’s hard (or stupid!) to complain when the total return of the S&P 500 was over 20%! Even better, you can turbocharge your gains during a raging bull market by applying the 821x trading system.  I’ve personally had my best year ever, capturing an over 50% gain in my IRA in 2017!  That’s more than double the already spectacular performance of the market as a whole. Our Model Portfolio put in a stellar performance as well, boosted in part by our best 821x Model Trade to date; a 127% gain on BZUN! You […]

821x buy: SYX (HTHT)

DIY Investor - SYX chart

(watch video below for market recap and trade details) SYX – buy with a limit price of $29.74  (SUGGESTED SELL SIGNALS TO COME VIA TWITTER) or, if that doesn’t fill HTHT – buy with a limit price of $124.65 Other 821x buy ideas: PYPL – buy with a limit price of $75.65 RNG – buy with a limit price of $48.20 ATHM – buy with a limit price of $61.23 Remember, I only provide one new 821x model trade a month for educational purposes. IT NEVER MAKES SENSE TO PUT YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT INTO A SINGLE TRADE. Please refer to the section on position sizing […]