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821x buy: OCLR


(watch video below for market recap and trade details)

OCLR – buy with a limit price of $8.38

Other 821x buy ideas:

domestic equities:
IPHI – buy with a limit price of $41.96
PCH – buy with a limit price of $39.25
TCX – buy with a limit price of $30.95
MPWR – buy with a limit price of $79.29
CGNX – buy with a limit price of $54.88

Remember, I only track one 821x model trade at a time for educational purposes.  IT NEVER MAKES SENSE TO PUT YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT INTO A SINGLE TRADE.  Please refer to the section on position sizing in the 821x Trading Manual.

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  1. […] example, with an ETF you’re not likely to see a near 15% gain in two weeks like we are with OCLR, our 821x model trade.  But again, never forget that your primary job as DIY Investor is to […]

  2. […] family is visiting so I won’t have a chance to do a video tonight, but our 821x model trade came to a disappointing end today.  Based on my tweets on December 5th and yesterday, we gave […]

    821x sell: OCLR - DIY Investor - December 14, 2016

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