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bitcoin trading plan

DIY Investor - bitcoin trading plan

October has been a brutal month for stocks but thankfully we have sidestepped most of the carnage by taking our stops and not initiating new positions in this environment.  Since it looks like we are going to close the month out without a new 821x trade idea, I decided to briefly share my current bitcoin trading plan.  But first, a little background: Last year, bitcoin skyrocketed from less than $800 to nearly $20,000 and made a lot of people very rich.  Many of these folks have recently taken up residence in Puerto Rico for the same reason I did over 3 years ago; to take advantage of the generous […]

how to generate market crushing returns

DIY Investor - Crushing it in the market - picture of monster truck

It goes without saying that 2017 was exceptionally good to stock market participants.  It’s hard (or stupid!) to complain when the total return of the S&P 500 was over 20%! Even better, you can turbocharge your gains during a raging bull market by applying the 821x trading system.  I’ve personally had my best year ever, capturing an over 50% gain in my IRA in 2017!  That’s more than double the already spectacular performance of the market as a whole. Our Model Portfolio put in a stellar performance as well, boosted in part by our best 821x Model Trade to date; a 127% gain on BZUN! You […]

unveiling our new app!

On Friday, oil was up 1.54% and the biotech sector was down nearly 1%.  Like the ticker symbols scrolling across the bottom of the screen on CNBC, these data points are pretty much useless.  I would argue that a single day’s action taken in isolation, provides no value at all.  In order to be useful, data needs context, which in this case is the trend.   We make money by investing in assets that are trending, and by doing our best to identify when a trend is possibly beginning or coming to an end. However, in fairness to CNBC et al., is it even possible to succinctly communicate this much information […]

grow your small account with these 3 tactics

Ideally, we would all have $100k+ in our trading account.  That way we could allocate at least $10k into 10 different positions as I suggest in my eBook.  Commissions would be a rounding error on trades of that size.  Obviously though, that’s not realistic for everyone.  We all have to start somewhere and scraping together even $10,000 to invest is no small feat and an accomplishment one should be proud of. Unfortunately though, it’s very difficult to grow an account of that size.  With 10 positions of $1,000 a piece, commissions become much more of an issue.  For example, taking into account a single entry and […]

how do you feel at new highs?

The S&P 500 closed at a new all-time high yesterday.  Upon hearing that, the average investor’s first instinct is to think that the market is topping out.  Stocks are too expensive.  Valuations are dangerously stretched.  The higher they fly, the harder they fall.   We are overdue for a crash etc., etc.. However, we here at DIY Investor know better.  Perma-bear fearmongering is as unhelpful as unchecked bullish exuberance is dangerous.  Emotions and feelings aside, here are the facts: after making it’s FIRST new intraday high in over a year on July 11th, the S&P 500 made 8 additional new highs and there is no reason to think that there aren’t several more on the […]