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821x sell: NTG

It’s been a good run, but the sun has set on our model trade.  As my family and I are out in the hill country of western Puerto Rico housesitting and taking care of our friend’s animals we received an 821x sell signal in NTG today.  Even though it appears to be oversold in the short term, I recommend selling AT LEAST half to lock in our hard fought 6% gain, which includes the fat dividend we received in August.  If you decide to hold half, I would sell it if NTG closes even one penny below yesterday’s low of $19.03. As far as the market as a whole, it’s at […]

how to ride a bull

After a year long consolidation, the market has broken out to new highs.  As I’ve mentioned before, we have to take seriously the possibility that the post Brexit shakeout ushered in a new bull market (or a resumption of the bull market that started in 2009 depending on how you look at it).  A bumpy ride higher, north of 2,400 in the S&P 5000, seems quite reasonable.   So how do we ride this potential bull?  Sure we can buy an ETF that tracks the S&P 500 like SPY, but that would only yield average results.  To generate alpha we need to actively put together and […]

821x buy: KGC (or NTG)

DIY Investor - Trade ideas - NTG chart

(watch video below for market recap and trade details) KGC – buy with a limit price of $5.19 (If KGC does not get filled we will track NTG instead:) NTG – buy with a limit price of $18.56 Other 821x buy ideas: Domestic equities and ETFs: FN – buy with a limit price of $36.27 PRMW – buy with a limit price of $11.49 IIIN – buy with a limit price of $38.74 MLM – buy with a limit price of $189.13 CDK – buy with a limit price of $55.85 CRTO – buy with a limit price of $45.63 […]