821x buy lockdown edition! TNK (or DHT)

DIY Investor 821x Trade Idea $TNK Chart

(Watch video below for market recap and trade details. This is the time fortunes are made… or lost!)

TNK – buy with a limit price of $19.58 (SUGGESTED SELL SIGNALS TO COME VIA TWITTER)

or, if that doesn’t fill:
DHT – buy with a limit price of $6.17

As mentioned in the video, it might be a good time to add some crypto to your portfolio. If you are not sure where to buy, I use Coinbase and have been very happy.

Remember, I only provide one new 821x model trade a month for educational purposes. IT NEVER MAKES SENSE TO PUT YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT INTO A SINGLE TRADE. Please refer to the section on position sizing in the 821x Trading Manual.

Please read the terms of service.

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