821x Model Trade

821x is what I call the trading system I developed and use personally to grow my retirement account.  I believe it is a system that is appropriate for ANYONE looking to grow their account, provided their account balance is at least $50,000, preferably more.  (If your account size is smaller, you will find that commissions become more of an issue.)  In short, the system provides a buy signal when the 8 day exponential moving average crosses above the 21 day exponential moving average and a sell signal when the opposite occurs.  I go into MUCH more detail in my 821x trading manual which is available for free.  I encourage you to take advantage of and learn from it.

As simple as the system is and as helpful as the trading manual is, there is no substitute for real-time trade examples.  That’s why I started the 821x Model Trade.  With this I provide EXACT buy instructions, sometimes in video format.  Suggested sell signals are provided via Twitter.  The results are tracked on the Portfolio page (which includes up to 9 additional open trade examples).  I believe that watching the 821x model trade unfold in real-time will be extremely helpful in accelerating your personal learning curve.

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821x Trading Manual!

Just to be clear, I only provide one new 821x model portfolio trade a month for educational purposes.  Remember, IT NEVER MAKES SENSE TO PUT YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT INTO A SINGLE TRADE.  Please refer to the section on position sizing in the 821x Trading Manual.

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