stock portfolio wordpress plugin

On several occasions I jumped online looking for a WordPress plugin to track and display the percentage gains of our 821x model trades.  After multiple searches came up empty, I decided the only way to get was I was after, was to build it myself!

Enter Stock Portfolio plugin:

stock portfolio wordpress plugin widget
stock portfolio plugin


This plugin allows you to track the performance of up to 12 positions in percentage terms.  In addition to tickers and cost basis, you can  also provide a custom URL for each position and a title for the widget.  Finally, you can decide to track the month the trade was entered, as we do with 821 model trade, or to display the cost basis instead with a choice of colors.


stock portfolio wordpress plugin widget options panel
options panel


Although, built to “scratch my own itch”, I hope some of you will find this plug-in useful as well.  Feel free to download and share!

stock portfolio wordpress plug free download
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